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Bought the Trolli 65ct Halloween candy to make treats for my grandson's school since the class is large.Since I needed 60 pieces I decided to count them to put them in the treat bags.

To my surprise the 65ct bag ONLY CONTAINS 55 Individually warped candies.

Contacted the company, asked them to send me the missing 10 pieces, and all I got was a generic apology letter that they will tell their Quality Assurance Management and a slap in the face $2 coupon so I should buy more of their candy.And I'm still missing the 10 pieces of candy.

Review about: Trolli Candy.

Reason of review: misleading customers.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Mail/send me the 10 missing pieces. .

I didn't like: Misleading customer.

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Good on you.Your requested resolution is perfect.

Many people would be demanding a full refund, or expecting some sort of extra compensation for their trouble. All you are asking for is to receive the goods you paid for.

Let them know that a discount on future purchases is well and good, but it does not change the fact that they still owe you from the original transaction.Give them the option of a refund, if they can't figure out how to send you the candy.



Grow up! Grow up! Grow up! All you little babies need to grow up!

You want them to send it in the mail baby? Those little ten pieces?! Not everyone is perfect (and you are worse person ever). They gave you a coupon to get more to make up for it!

They apologized and will work on not having it again. But they are not going to ship you out ten pieces of candy.

What do you want them to do?You are an idiot bitch that doesn't want to grow up.

to Anonymous #1379852

i went to the dollar store with my son and put 50 cents in a gum ball machine to get him a small took my two quarters and nothing came out.

i looked at the machine number and the telephone number on the gum ball machine and wrote to the company telling them what happened. they mailed me two quarters taped to an index card and i was satisfied. i used to be clueless just like you. what you don't realize is that maybe 50,000 of those candy bags were shipped out and 50,000 consumers got ripped off by not getting those 10 pieces of candy.

if no one calls them on it, they will make tens of thousands of dollars free money off of us consumers. they needed to be made aware of it. do you work in the customer service field and deal with shitty customers all day. are you in your late teens to early twenties.

because you sound like your about to blow.get some help.

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